January, 21, 2023 - I will be traveling to NYC as Claire Chase's Research Assistant to help run her Day Of Listening (focused around the music of Pauline Oliveros) at Carnegie Hall.

November, 13, 2022 - I traveled to Austin, TX for several recording sessions with Line Upon Line Percussion Trio in preparation for our upcoming collaboration in February, 2023.

October, 8th, 2022 - New piece red, going through pinks, to white premiered by Ensemble Recherche at Harvard University, Payne Hall.

May, 13, 2021 - New audio visual work will be premiered as part of Esperanza Spalding's Music And Mockumentary Lab Screening, Harvard University, MA.

April, 25, 2021  - New piece performed and recorded by Tak Ensemble for the HGNM x Tak Ensemble virtual residency, Baryshnikov Arts Center, Manhattan, NYC

December, 20, 2020 (ongoing)  - Electroacoustic collaboration with Joshua Hyde for the HGNM X Elision Ensemble virtual residency. (Virtual)

December, 16, 2020 - New Piece performed and recorded by  Wet Ink as part of the HGNM x Wet Ink Ensemble residency, Scholes Recording Studio, Brooklyn, NYC.

August, 15, 2020  - Performance and talk at the NAISA Sound Travels Festival of Sound Art, South River, Ontario, CA.

April, 28, 2020  - Final performance and compilation record release for Vijay Iyer's Creative Music; Adv. Ensemble Course, Harvard University, MA.

April, 27, 2020  - Final performance for Meredith Monk's Fromm Seminar In Composition, Harvard University, MA.

April, 15-19, 2020 - Space Tape (original score) will be screened at the Tallahassee Film Festival, Florida.

April, 1-4, 2020 - Space Tape (original score) will be screened at the Diametrale Experimental Film Festival, Austria.

March, 26-29, 2020 - Space Tape (original score) will be screened at the Trenton Film Festival, New Jersey.

Feb, 25th, 2020 - Trio performance for Vijay Iyer’s Ensemble Workshop Course at Harvard, Holden Chapel.

Feb, 25th, 2020 - Presentation of my work at Boston University as part of a masterclass with Jennifer Walshe, MC Schmidt, and Wobbly.

- Feb, 22nd, 2020 - New Piece for Schallfeld Ensemble, Payne Hall, Harvard University, MA.

- January, 14th, 2020 - I will present my work at the Stanford Composition Colloquium Series. Stanford University, CA.

Dec, 8th, 2019 - MIT Hacking Arts 2019: Performance with the MIT Laptop Ensemble. 

- Dec, 4th, 2019 - Electroacoustic duo improvisation with Claire Chase at the Harvard Artlab

Nov 28th - Dec 4th, 2019 - Space Tape (original score) will be screened at the Eindhoven Film Festival.  

- Nov 21st, 2019 - New networked audiovisual work will be premiered by the MIT Laptop Ensemble, MIT, Cambridge, MA.

- Nov 11th, 2019 - Chasing Shadows will be screened at the 2nd Jeju International Contemporary Music Festival, Jeju National University, Department of Music And Composition, South Korea.

- Oct, 18-19, 2019 - Work accepted to 2019-2020 CEMIcircles Festival at the University of North Texas.

- Oct, 7th, 2019 - I will present my work at the Harvard Graduate Composition Colloquium, Harvard University, MA.

- Oct, 5th, 2019 - New Piece for Switch~ Ensemble, Payne Hall, Harvard University, MA.

- May, 25th, 2019 - New chamber work with electronics will be performed by Ensemble WasteLAnd at Harvard University, Payne Hall.  Read more here.

- May, 8th - June, 4th, 2019 - Learning To Breathe (in collaboration with my grandmother Christine Lock) will be screened at the Venice Biennale.  Read more here

- March, 21st, 2019 - Moel Y Gaer, Bodfari will played at the SEAMUS Conference at Berklee College of Music, Boston, MA.

- March, 7th, 2019 - I will be co-leading a workshop with David Forrest on experimental and improvisatory film scoring for the students of FRSEMR 35C: Soundtracking, Bok Center Learning Lab, Harvard University, MA.

- Dec, 8th, 2018 - Learning To Breathe (in collaboration with my grandmother Christine Lock) will be shown at the Bermondsey Project Space, London, England.

- Dec, 16th, 2018 - Cauterize will be played at Harvard University through the HYDRA Multichannel system, HUSEAC, Payne Hall.

- Sep, 7th, 2018 - My original score for Elijah Gordon’s short film Sophia In College will be screened at the Next Now Festival , Gildenhorn Recital Hall, University of Maryland.

- Aug, 18th - 20th, 2018 - My work, in collaboration with my grandmother Christine Lock, will be shown at the Aldeburgh Lookout, ALIVE in the UNIVERSE art-films , Aldeburgh, England

- Aug, 5th - 10th, 2018 - Moel Y Gaer, Bodfari will be presented at this years ICMC (International Computer Music Conference) in Daegu, South Korea.

- July, 17th, 2018 - Moel Y Gaer, Bodfary will be presented at the New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival (NYCEMF), Abrons Art Center, Underground Theater, Manhattan, NY.

- May, 4th, 2018 - My original score for Elijah Gordon’s Sophia In College will premier at the University of Maryland Film Festival.

- Apr, 3rd, 2018 - Refraction (in collaboration with Carlos Bandera) will be performed by Nicholas Bentz, Griswold Hall, Peabody Conservatory, Baltimore, MD.

- Mar, 19th, 2018 - Alchemy (multimedia installation in collaboration with Weilu Ge), WaveCave, CalArts, LA, CA.

- Dec, 8th - 9th, 2017 - Moel Y Gaer, Bodfari will be played at the WOCMAT International Computer Music Workshop and Conference, National Tsing Hua University, Taipei.

- Oct, 22nd, 2017 - Performance with Ian Power and Carolyn Chen, EMP Collective, Baltimore, MD.

- Aug, 15th, 2017 - I will lecture and present my work at the Wan Sha Computer Music Workshop, Taipei.

- July, 2017 - Networked performance via live broadcast rom Los Angeles, Soft House, Baltimore, MD.

- June - August, 2017 - Internship at  Namedrop App’s , composing/creating stop motion social media advertisments, LA, CA.

- May, 2017 - I have composed several pieces of music for the NPR show Invisibilia’s library.

- June, 19th, 2017 - Multimedia work will be featured at Art and Science Days , Musinfo, Bourges, France.

- June, 2017 - Multimedia work will be featured at the Klingt Gut! Festival, Hamburg University Of Applied Sciences, Germany.

- May, 4th, 2017Solo Multimedia Set, The Vigil All-Night Music Festival, Maryland Institute College Of Art, Baltimore, MD.

- May, 4th, 2017Duo w/ Matthew Sullivan, The Vigil All-Night Music Festival, Maryland Institute College Of Art, Baltimore, MD.

- April, 2017 - Live electronics performance, Griswold Hall, Peabody Conservatory of Music, Baltimore, MD.

- March, 2017 - Black Hills (Assemblage Version) will be performed at The Walters Art Museum, Baltimore, MD.

- Mar, 2017 - Senior Degree Recital in computer music , Cohen-Davison Hall, Peabody Conservatory of Music, Baltimore, MD

- Mar, 2016 - Live Multimedia Dance Performance (in collaboration with Robby Neubauer, Weilu Ge, and members of the Peabody Dance Department), Friedberg Concert Hall, The Peabody Conservatory.

- Feb, 2016- Live electronics performance (with DanceMoms), The Fifth Dimension, Baltimore, MD.

- Apr, 2016 -  Solo electronics Set at The Red Room, Baltimore.

- Dec, 2015 - I will perform on SEARS (Student ElectroAcoustic Recital Series), Baltimore, MD

- Nov, 2014- Performance (with Francesca D'Uva) at Terrault Contemporary, Baltimore, MD.

Christopher Lock is a computer musician, creative programmer, and film composer currently based in Cambridge, MA. He creates densely textural electronic music which slowly mutates and morphs over time and is often saturated with dark imagery or phantasmagoria. His musical practice stems from a tradition of Baltimore area noise music, where he first started experimenting with sound.

Through out his education Christopher has been fortunate to study with such musical visionaries as Esperanza Spalding, Meredith Monk, Vijay Iyer, Claire Chase, Thomas Dolby, Chaya Czernowin, Hans Tutschku.

In the spring of 2022 Christopher was the appointed Teaching Fellow for Esperanza Spalding’s Songwright's Apothecary Lab at Harvard University where he worked with Prof. Spalding and the students intimately during the semester to develop a concert program of new original works.

Christopher is an active composer of film music and has worked with artists such as Ezekiel Goodman (I Know What You Did Last Summer) and Robert Eng (Mullholand Drive, Twin Peaks, Corroline). In January of 2022 Christopher composed original music for Giovanna Molina's Deer Girl which was an official selection for the Sundance Institute's Ignite x Adobe Fellowship.

In the summer of 2019 his audio/visual work, in collaboration with his grandmother (also called Chris Lock), was screened at the Venice Biennale from May 8th to June 4th. The video was projected in the Palazzo Pesaro Papafava as part of the UK's.

In April of 2022 Christopher produced and performed original electronic music for LuChen's debut runway show in Manhattan, which was later reviewed positively by Vogue Magazine, Fashion Week, and other major publications.

Christopher is currently a Ph.D candidate in Music and Computer Science at Harvard University. He holds a Master’s Degree in Computer Music from Harvard, a Bachelors Degree in Computer Music from Johns Hopkins University (Peabody Conservatory), and a second Bachelors degree in viola performance (also from Hopkins).

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